I Just Fixed All Of Your Problems

As a Make-up Artist, about 90% of my clients say that they do not know what colors they should be wearing on their eyes.  I wanted to make it simple for everyone so I decided to do a blog that will tell you not just what colors you should be wearing, but the exact product you can look for as well.  Here we go!

Blue Eyes:  You want to stay in the Orange family.  Copper, Ochre and Pinks with hints of Orange

Green Eyes: You will benefit from Reds.  Look for Burgundy's, Sienna's and Reddish Browns

Brown Eyes: It's all about the Greens.  Particularly Green with hints of Red or Blue

Hazel Eyes: Hazel is fun because the iris has flecks of many different colors which include gold, green and blue.  Find which color is dominant in your eyes and then work with that eye color which is listed above.

If wearing color makes you nervous, you can never fail when wearing a peachy color.  Peach works well with almost any skin tone and eye color.  Terracotta Matte is usually my "go-to" color when doing a natural eye makeover.

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