Five Friday Faves

FUH-RI-DAY!  After a crazy busy week, I am about to roll into a crazy busy weekend!  I definitely cannot complain though.  I'm blessed to be swamped with work :)  This weekend, I will be working with Lace in Demure Boutique, I have several bridal trial runs and a photo shoot with the Hawks Cheerleaders.  SO exciting!  And then....i will sashay out of a busy weekend and straight back into a jam packed work week.  And GIRL, I am loving EVERY second of it! I hope you all had a Fab week and have an even better weekend.   I leave you now with my five favorites from this week.

Favorite Part of Holiday Prep:

Favorite Nail Design:

Favorite Get Away Plan:

Favorite Smile:

Favorite period makeup:

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