A Photo Shoot At The Park

Yesterday I had a photo shoot in Atlanta's Piedmont Park. I worked with makeup artist Leah Carmicheal and photographer John Robertson. It was a beautiful day with fall weather and the perfect cloud cover. I wanted to share the events of our day with my photo diary. 20121003-211159.jpg

We arrived at the park and were welcomed by the beautiful Midtown skyline.


I made sure to wear my walking boots. I love the fall weather!


Leah and I decided to set up shop on some park benches. Here she is doing makeup on her fabulous model, Bianca.


John is shooting my model, Qadriciana on the swings next to the lake.

Poor Bianca tried and tried to get up in that tree.  If you see the golf cart behind the tree limb, that is security telling her to get off of the tree.  I cried from laughing.  This picture perfectly captures the moment.


Finally, we ended the shoot in the gazebo. A great end to a great day.

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