Trend Spotting Spring/Summer 2013

I am 100% in love with the fashion trends for this season.  Here are the top 5 trends that you can look forward to. aztec clothes

Aztec Prints- These tribal prints are showing up on everything!  From rompers and leggings to shoes and purses. Aztec can be worn a thousand different ways.

denim trend

Denim- This is a versatile material that you can have fun playing with.  Add a single piece to your look or go for the full blown "Canadian Tuxedo."


Anchors- This nautical trend is perfect since we are at the end of Spring and about to say "Hello" to Summer!  Wear an anchor on anything from clothes to shoes and accessories.


Funky Sunnies- Since you should be wearing your shades from dusk till dawn, why not have fun with them?  This season, crazy shapes and embellishment are on the faces of all the major trendsetters.  Edgy is definitely in!


Vests: Layering just got a whole lot better.  Vests are everywhere now and in more styles than ever.  From a classic universal cover-up to an edgy rock and roll statement, you can find a chic vest that fits whatever mood you are in.

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Photos: Aztec Prints, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Diane Kruger, Anchor Shorts, Anchor Necklace, Anchor Dress, Forever 21 Vest, Denim Vest, Fringe Vest,  White Sunglasses, Red Sunglasses, Embellished Sunglasses

Oscars Fashion Wrap-up

The Oscars...patriotic? Well that's what it looked like last night on the red carpet of the 85th Academy Awards.  As a preview to the hot colors for 2013 spring/summer, we saw a lot of red, white and blue.

Red Dresses Oscars 2013

White Dresses Oscars 2013

Blue Dresses Oscars 2013

I don't want to leave out our gorgeous leading men who looked dapper on the red carpet.  When it comes time to throw on a tux, these gents are always on point! To all you guys out there, a three piece suit is always a win.  Just remember that.

oscars 2013 men

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Put A Ring On It

There has been a rising trend of hand jewelry that I absolutely LOVE! Expressing your style on your hands is the new hot thing and I am ready to go pick up some of these beauties.  Check out my two favorite trends that are quickly getting peoples attention. Bird Claws I first spotted this trend when I was in Santa Monica and was instantly drawn to how interesting and different this new style is.  Huge designers like Roberto Cavalli (shown below) are running with the claw trend and creating their own versions.


bird claw ring

Attached Ring and Bracelet This is a very cute trend and I love that depending on what piece you get, they can be formal or casual.

ring and bracelet combo

tatting frivolite

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First Lady Flair

All we can say is "WOW!" Barack Obama's memorable second inauguration was nearly overshadowed yesterday by his wife's impeccable sense of style. America had been waiting to get a glimpse of the fashion-forward First Lady on her husband's big day, and when we finally caught the first glimpse, we were not disappointed.


We saw Michelle Obama yesterday morning as she was leaving St. John's Church wearing the same beautiful Thom Browne coat that she wore the day before when President Obama was sworn in for his second term as President of the United States. Mrs. Obama added some sparkle to her outfit by pairing an embellished, high-waisted J. Crew belt with the coat, and a pop of color with purple leather gloves. as stunning as this daytime look was, we were all holding our breath to see what and who she would wear at the inaugural ball.


Jaws dropped when the President introduced his "better half and dance partner" onto the stage. Michelle floated, wearing an absolutely stunning ruby red Jason Wu gown that was simple, elegant and memorable. Her hair was perfection (loving the new bangs), makeup was flawless and charisma undeniable. And of course, she sported some fierce Jimmy Choo shoes.

Perfection. Congratulations to our President and First Lady!

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Bella Rene Fashion Show

Last night I had the honor of attending the Bella Rene Fashion Show for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Bella Rene is an amazing line of clothing created for full figured women. There are not enough lines out there that target this demographic and designer Kenyatta Jones has burst into the scene with fresh new looks, patterns and personality. Kenyatta will soon be a household name so make sure you follow Bella Rene on Facebook and Twitter!

Here is my photo diary from the show:

After showing up at Aurum Lounge in Midtown Atlanta, I ran into a few of my girlfriends. I immediately got that Beyonce song stuck in my head.. Who run the world? Girls. GIRLS!

Shhhh...the show is starting!

Here she is doing her finale walk. GO KENYATTA (she's on the right)!!!

Hmmmm....seems like a good duo. Designer...Makeup Artist....*wink*

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Autumn has arrived, the leaves are changing and the fall wardrobe is back out (including many new additions).  I was in a casual fall mood and ready to play outdoors.  Thanks to the insane winds left by Frankenstorm Sandy, a wind fan was not needed for our impromptu photo shoot.

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What Is In My Closet This Fall?

Fall is finally here I could not be more excited.  There are several reasons why fall is my hands down favorite season and one of those reasons is because of the clothes!  I wanted to shop around at inexpensive stores near my home and find a few fashion staples that I can use for many different outfits and occasions without breaking the bank.  Below, I am showcasing a few of the purchases that I made along with their retailers that can all be found nationwide or online.  I didn't spend of $50 for a single piece!

Boyfriend Blazer.  Every girl should have several blazers in her closet.  They can be dressed up or down and are always an easy "go-to".  I like the "boyfriend" style a lot because it feels very relaxed and comfortable.  On days when I am running out the door to meet a client or go to the boutiques, I know that I can throw this on and look and feel great!

Billowing Blouse.  I love these large blouses because they go with so many looks.  They are beautiful when tucked in and always look classic and timeless.  You can wear them with slacks and a blazer during the day or you can wear them with a tight mini skirt and pumps to rule the night while still looking sexy and sophisticated.

Sequin Blazer Jacket.  This was one of my favorite purchases.  It is beyond cute.  For a day look, I am going to wear this with a simple fitted top and trouser jeans.  For a night look, I will wear it with a strapless black bandage dress.  This is definitely a top that will get a lot of attention and people will be talking about the back slit for sure!  How cute?! P.S. I have seen Christina Aguilera wear a similar blazer TWICE this season on The Voice!

Statement Dress.  I la-la-la-LOVE this dress.  This is a FAB dress that I cannot wait to wear.  When I tried it on, I knew that it would be great for networking events and mixers yet still great for daytime.  It has the exposed back but with the higher neck and long sleeves, it still has a sophisticated feel.  This is definitely a dress that I will wear with confidence...and stilettos :)

Accessorize!  I am pumping up all of my accessories so that they can show my personality and make a statement.  I wanted pieces that I can wear with a thousand other outfits.  I have also made a point to purchase many different colors and patterns opposed to past years when I have stayed more in the simple blacks and grays for fall/winter.

Rings!! Tend or no trend, I am all about rings this season!

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Emmys Fashion Recap

I, along with many of you, made sure to tune into the 64th Primetime Emmy's last night.  I wanted to share some of my favorite looks of the night.  Here are my awards that I would like to pass out... Best Dressed Funny Girl:  Tina Fey of 30 Rock. Amazing Dress, great hair, beautiful makeup. Well done.

Best Body:  Sofia Vergara of Modern Family.  Always so beautiful and VA VAVA VOOM!

Most Stunning Young Lady:  Sarah Hyland of Modern Family.   She is a stunning young lady and always has such a timeless look on the red carpet.  Bravo, Sarah.

Best Dressed New Girl.  Zooey Deschanel of New Girl.  Her dress was killer and her makeup was AWESOME!  She is such a beautiful woman.

Best Color:  Kelly Osbourne of Fashion Police.  Gah...she looks SO good with the lavender and Ruby accents.  Killer look and congrats to Kelly on the extreme slim down.  Those curves are kickin!

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Perk Up Your Rainy Day

It is a fabulously rainy day here in Atlanta and I'm going to show you how to prepare for the weather.  Just because it's wet out doesn't mean you shouldn't look cute. Rain Boots!  They are great because they are cute and can be worn with anything.  Dresses, Jeans, Leggings, Pantyhose...anything!

Throw your hair up in a cute bun.  There is really no point to leaving your hair down or trying to style it (especially with the humidity we have here in the South).  Buns are practical and chic.  Wear it with pride :)

Umbrellas are an accessory as well as your rainy day shelter.  Strut down the street with this statement piece and you are sure to turn heads.

Find a great makeup setting spray like Urban Decay's All Nighter.  This will help keep your makeup on all day and night.  Again, humidity is the enemy.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Roster

It is one of my favorite times of the year.  We can now sneak a peek into what's hot in fashion for Spring 2013.  New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in finally here!!  I have the runway roster listed here so you can stay connected to all of the happenings in the Big Apple.  You can also get more information by going to

September 05

  • 5 PM
  • 6:00 PM

September 06

September 07

September 08

September 09

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

Fall Into Fashion. One Piece At A Time.

Fall is around the corner and we are at the point where we can start looking for new fall clothes.  I don't know about you but all I want is cool, crisp weather and some fabulous clothes to wear during that cool, crisp weather.  If you are like me and have the itch to start purchasing fall clothes, here are a few great pieces to buy so that you have your new wardrobe and make the easy transition into the upcoming seasons.

Buy pieces that you will be able to wear and layer in the fall and winter.  A dark maxi dress is great to throw a blazer over and switch out sandals for boots.  Maxis are a great investment.

A billowy blouse is, again, a fantastic layering option.  You can throw a blazer or sweater over it and it will look great with slacks, pencil skirts or leggings.  LOVE!

I. Could. Die. These Alexander McQueen ankle boots are absolutely killer.  Ankle booties are fab because you can wear them with dressy shorts, bandage dresses, leggings, jeans...the list goes on.

Floppy Fedoras.  Beautiful pieces that can go with a skirt, jeans, fur or a bikini.  No matter the season, this hat will always match.

Ugh. Drool. This is the Fall 2012 line of Prada sunglasses, and I would literally have a relationship and marry them if I could.  Moving your fashion into the fall is not just about clothes; it is accessories too.  These sunglasses will turn you into a walking statement and people will be talking about you long after you have finished gracing them with your presence. Fierce.

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History Repeats Itself...But It's Never The Same.

I was cruisin through some web sites today and came across these fab fab pictures of Brigitte Bardot who was a sexy French model from the late 50's through the early 70's.  I loved looking at her photographs because the definition of "sexy" was so much more tasteful and glamorous then than it is now.  Models from her era were "real" women and I wish that things could again be what they once were.  If you take a look below, the fashion and makeup styles have made a comeback but has the tastefulness? 

Everyone Needs A Little Structure might have to suck it up admit that your parents and teachers were right.  You need a little structure in your life.  Fortunately, I'm talking about structure you can buy!  Though flowing dresses and blousing shirts are still an easy "go to", in the coming seasons everybody will start to see very structured outfits hitting the streets.  I have put together a couple of examples from the worlds most renowned designers.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 Collection

Balenciaga Spring 2012

Givenchy Spring 2012

Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2012


September Is Hot Hot Hot!

With Fall around the corner, new styles and trends are popping up every time you turn your head.  For those fashionistas out there, you know about Vogue's September Issue.  For all of you who do not know about it, let me fill you in.  The September issue of Vogue is the most important issue of the year.  It is the fashion bible that catalogs all of the upcoming styles, looks, makeup, designers and trends for fall and the upcoming year. *I also recommend you watch the "September Issue" documentary*  When I opened my mailbox and saw that giant magazine wedged in there, I realized the seasons are about to change....and so will my wardrobe.

Here are a few of the trends that you will be seeing everywhere.

Drew Barrymore
Vogue Magazine September 2011
Wearing Donna Karen New York

This is a perfect example of what is trending right now.

  • Mixed Textures
  • Less eye liner-More mascara
  • Deep crimson lip
  • Furs
  • Taupe/Neutrals with a signature pop of color (Drew's lips and hair)

Karen Elson
Vogue Magazine September 2011
Wearing Nine West

Fall Winter 2011
  • Mixed patterns
  • Statement Lip
  • Again, Signature pop of color

Gucci shows how to properly mix jewel toned complimentary colors.  The colors do not have to be  jewel toned but it sure does add that little extra pizazz!

Mixing bold complimentary colors is the latest hot fashion statement.  Get adventurous and start the mix and match!


Handbags, Shoes, Accessories. Oh My!

If there is anything that I love more than makeup, it is accessories.  Accessories are the final touch that makes an outfit what it should be.  A chunky necklace can add personality to your look, a chic clutch can give you confidence and the perfect pump can change your world.  Every time I see the red sole on a pair of Christian Louboutin's, I swear, my heart skips a beat.  Have you ever seen the movie "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette?  My closet is starting to look a little bit like the one in the movie and it puts a smile on my face every time I open the door.  I actually have a closet that is strictly for shoes, hats, belts and other accessories.  Some may call it excessive.  I call it necessary.  Though I would love to have a shoe closet overflowing with Jimmy Choo's, I am on a budget.  If you know me, you know that my favorite place to purchase shoes now is at Shoe Dazzle.  They have shoes, handbags and jewelry for amazing prices!  I can get my fix without breaking the bank.  My latest purchase is this fabulous mustard Dalian tote.  It is great for summer and is the perfect shade of yellow to add a pop of color to any ensemble.  Bright colors are very "In" this summer from bags, to shoes, to makeup.  Just add a little color or go all out!!!