I'm Back...And I'm Moisturized

Hello All,

Sorry we have not been updating lately but the last month has been crazy and I have been in the process of moving cross country to the great land of California :)
One of my biggest struggles since I moved to Los Angeles has been adjusting the the dry air.  Atlanta is very humid and I have always had excessively oily skin but now that I am in southern California, you cannot believe how dry and flaky I have become!!  I consider myself a bit of a product guru but it has been very challenging finding any products that would heal my face.  I have many expensive and inexpensive products and none of them work!
Yesterday, I went to Target with my sister-in-law so that she could pick up some of her Boots skincare.  I had heard amazing reviews about this line but have never tried it for myself.  I decided that I had nothing to lose (except for flakiness) and bought a few items.  After using my new finds last night and this morning, MY SKIN IS COMPLETELY HEALED!!!  I am so amazed and will swear by these products from here on out.
Here is what I bought:
1. Smoothing Polish $9.39
Boots Botanics

2. Intensive Moisture Mask $8.39

Boots Botanics
3.  Organic Moisturizing Eye Cream $15.59
Boots Botanics

All of these products work GREAT and are so inexpensive!  You cannot go wrong!

I hope you are all doing well and I'll see you next time!!!