Five Friday Faves

It's the end to another great week and a step closer to fabulous fall weather.   mmmm...the makeup...the hair...the clothes!  I'm so excited!!  Check out my five faves from the past week and have a wonderful weekend. Favorite Style Mash-up

man repeller

Favorite Fall Inspired Eyeseyes

Favorite Fall Outfit

Favorite Color Block

Favorite Laugh

twerkin for a berkin

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photos:  Man RepellerGlitter Guide, Style Caster, Buzz Feed 

Five Friday Faves

Hello November!  Geez, where has time gone?! We have less than three weeks left till Thanksgiving which means we are rounding the corner towards the holiday season.  Make sure you stop by one of our retailers or go to our website LaceCosmetics.Com to get a jump on your holiday shopping.  As always, here are my Five Friday Faves for this week! Favorite Makeup Organization:

Favorite Closet:

Favorite Fall Outfit:

Favorite Boy Hits Car song (in honor of this weekends concert):


Favorite Laugh:

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Five Friday Faves

Hello!  It's FRIDAY!!!  Congrats on surviving another crazy week and looking good while doing it.  It's time to let your hair down and  enjoy some much needed rest. As usual, here are my five faves from the past week.  Have a chic weekend and I will talk to you on Monday!

Favorite Cozy Fall Outfit:

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Fur Baby Laugh:

Favorite Vintage Style:

Favorite Natural Makeup Look:

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The Fall

I could not be more excited right now.  Fall is around the corner and you can feel it in the air.  I have a theory that everything good happens in the Fall.  In Spring you do "spring cleaning" and in the Fall...well, I do what I call "fall organizing".  I feel like this is the time when all that has been weighing on you falls away (pun intended) and you can just open your eyes, take a deep breath and reevaluate.  Reorganize.  Rinse. Repeat. As a part of my reorganization, I am about to rebuild all of my websites and rework many of my promotional materials.  In the process of working on everything, I made a portfolio video that will promote my work with Wedding Wire.  It is just a little something extra that I thought was really cute and does a great job of showcasing my work.  I hope you like it and make sure you follow our blog to get updates on everything happening with Lace Cosmetics and Amanda Ford Pro services!

[wpvideo 0dLS2ijI]

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Fall Into Fashion. One Piece At A Time.

Fall is around the corner and we are at the point where we can start looking for new fall clothes.  I don't know about you but all I want is cool, crisp weather and some fabulous clothes to wear during that cool, crisp weather.  If you are like me and have the itch to start purchasing fall clothes, here are a few great pieces to buy so that you have your new wardrobe and make the easy transition into the upcoming seasons.

Buy pieces that you will be able to wear and layer in the fall and winter.  A dark maxi dress is great to throw a blazer over and switch out sandals for boots.  Maxis are a great investment.

A billowy blouse is, again, a fantastic layering option.  You can throw a blazer or sweater over it and it will look great with slacks, pencil skirts or leggings.  LOVE!

I. Could. Die. These Alexander McQueen ankle boots are absolutely killer.  Ankle booties are fab because you can wear them with dressy shorts, bandage dresses, leggings, jeans...the list goes on.

Floppy Fedoras.  Beautiful pieces that can go with a skirt, jeans, fur or a bikini.  No matter the season, this hat will always match.

Ugh. Drool. This is the Fall 2012 line of Prada sunglasses, and I would literally have a relationship and marry them if I could.  Moving your fashion into the fall is not just about clothes; it is accessories too.  These sunglasses will turn you into a walking statement and people will be talking about you long after you have finished gracing them with your presence. Fierce.

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