RAW Artists Atlanta + SFMTV.com

As a former RAW Artist exhibitor, I continue to visit every showcase RAW has in Atlanta and support all of our amazing local artists.  Thursday night was the "En Masse" showcase which featured 44 artists of different mediums.  Right before I walked the circuit to do my usual networking, I ran upstairs to say "hello" to all of my friends at SFMTV.com who were broadcasting live with video stream.  I quickly sat down and was interviewed by the fabulous Christopher Martin of "The Fashion Plate."  I got my paws on my interview video and thought it would be fun to share it with you.[ustream id=37981159 highlight=404767 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302] Video streaming by Ustream

Be sure to check out Christopher Martin on "The Fashion Plate" Monday-Friday from 4pm-8pm at SFMTV.com.

Also, be apart of the next RAW Artists event!  Apply to be an artist at rawartists.org/Atlanta or visit this site to purchase tickets to their next showcase in October!

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