Tried and True for the Bride's "I Do"

Bride Kelly and Bridesmaids MakeupI had the pleasure of working with the fabulous bride, Kelly.  She is an absolutely lovely young lady who married the love of her life in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Kelly is one of those brides that stands out in my mind.  She was so calm the day of the wedding, though I could tell nerves were there when I counted her brushing her teeth six times.  She and her bridesmaids chatted, laughed and sang along with the mix of Taylor Swift songs that were playing in the Brides room while I did makeup for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Mothers and a few other family members.   This group was fun and full of love and energy which made for a perfect day.

bride kelly

Click on any of these pictures and you can visit Photographer Todd Baugh's website that showcases even more photos of Kelly's big day!bride and bridesmaids

Here is the sweet review that Kelly wrote for The Wedding Channel/ The Knot:

Amanda was Fantastic!Amanda was such a sweetheart! She was so easy to coordinate with and work with! She listened to exactly what my bridesmaids and I wanted for our makeup and she certainly delivered. I totally recommend her to any bride out there wanting to look amazing for your big day! The air brush makeup she uses feels as if you're not wearing any makeup at all and it lasts ALL night long! My girls and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Amanda!

Click HERE to read what other brides are saying about Lace On-Location!

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The Fall

I could not be more excited right now.  Fall is around the corner and you can feel it in the air.  I have a theory that everything good happens in the Fall.  In Spring you do "spring cleaning" and in the Fall...well, I do what I call "fall organizing".  I feel like this is the time when all that has been weighing on you falls away (pun intended) and you can just open your eyes, take a deep breath and reevaluate.  Reorganize.  Rinse. Repeat. As a part of my reorganization, I am about to rebuild all of my websites and rework many of my promotional materials.  In the process of working on everything, I made a portfolio video that will promote my work with Wedding Wire.  It is just a little something extra that I thought was really cute and does a great job of showcasing my work.  I hope you like it and make sure you follow our blog to get updates on everything happening with Lace Cosmetics and Amanda Ford Pro services!

[wpvideo 0dLS2ijI]

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A Bride and Then Five

Hello and welcome to another beautiful week!  I had an AMAZING weekend filled with work, events, socializing and receiving dozens of service inquiries!  Not too bad if I do say so myself :)

I received a few wedding pictures from the fabulous Mrs. Anna D.  I was her makeup artist for her wedding and loved that she sent me prints that I can now share with all of you!   Anna and her family were so pleased with my work that I booked five other weddings after working with her!  How awesome is that?!

Check out a few of her beautiful pictures below.

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A Party For You

A common thing I hear from clients is "Can you come to my house and do my makeup every day?"  Well, my friend Leah and I got to thinking.  We could...or we could just teach you.  We decided to join forces and start doing house parties.  Women invite us over and for a very reasonable price, we show each woman how to apply their makeup.  If you do not know what brand or colors to wear, we can help with that.  If you have makeup at home and do not know how to apply it, we can help with that.  Pretty simple, huh?  Here are a few pictures from our party this past weekend. 

If you would like more information about having a party at your house, please contact us at or

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Sweet Kayla

One of the most exciting parts of doing wedding makeup is getting the pictures back!  You get to see the final product and know that you have played a huge role in your bride's big day.  Her pictures are treasures that she will look at for the rest of her life.  My beautiful bride Kayla sent me a couple of her pictures this past week and I was thrilled to receive them.  She looks absolutely STUNNING and it was such a pleasure to work with her.  Kayla also left me an amazing review on The Knot that you can see here.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about having your makeup done for a wedding or special event, please fill out the contact form at

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Five Friday Faves

FRIDAY! It's been one of those weeks where you want someone to brush the dirt off your shoulder because you treated the week like you owned it!  I am ready for a FUN weekend and cannot wait to share it with you on Monday!  Have an awesome weekend and enjoy my Five Friday Faves. Favorite Quote:

Favorite Hair/Make-up Combo:

Favorite Fur Baby Picture:

Favorite Eye Shadow Look:

Favorite Art. Shadow Art!

Have an amazing weekend!

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Have an amazing weekend!

We Came, We Saw, We Did Makeup

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and thank you to all who made it out to Beauty Escape Make-Up Bar's Ultimate Girls Day Out!  For those of you who did not get to be there, you will definitely have to catch the next one!  This event was held at Kai Lin Art which is located in Atlanta's Buckhead area (adjacent to Buckhead Theater).   We had a spectacular turn out and I was lucky to meet so many fabulous women.

All of the attendees were able to explore and experience the wide range of vendors.  Full face makeup application, reflexology, fat burning and massage therapy were a just a few of the services offered.  Shopping? Oh yes. We had a traveling boutique, stunning jewelry, antiques, candles, desserts and so much more.  I think the huge hit of the afternoon, though, was the plethora of free Skinny Girl Cocktails that were being mixed and passed out in the back of the gallery.

I was very lucky to be doing makeup with my dear friend Leah Carmicheal.  We shared a table, combined our freelance kits and got to work.  Our brushes were on fire after completing approximately 30 makeovers between the two of us.  It was amazing and I always enjoy days when I can work with her :)

We will make sure to keep you all updated on upcoming events so that you can come out and enjoy a pampering day with your girlfriends.  Have a spectacular day and make sure to check out our products at LaceCosmetics.Com!

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Five Friday Faves

Ahh...Hello sweet Friday. I've had fond thoughts of you all week...(sigh of relief). This week was not as crazy as I had anticipated but it still feels great to have it done with and know that the weekend is here! Don't forget that if you are in Atlanta tomorrow (Saturday), I will be working at the "Ultimate Girls Day Out "event. For more details click here.

As always, I leave you with my five faves from this past week :)

Favorite scene:

Favorite Invention:

Favorite TRUE Statement:

Favorite Makeup Look:

Favorite Dress:

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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Makeup Should Be An Olympic Sport

Whenever the Olympics roll around, my favorite event to watch is gymnastics.  I don't know if you've heard, but I used to be quite the little tumbler in my younger years.  I rocked the uneven bars like a boss, and totally put the balance in balance beam.

--->Some may say this information is debatable but lets just say it's true for now. *wink*<---

Last night I was watching Team USA as they did an amazing job and took home the Gold! ( U-S-A! U-S-A!)  While watching our girls cartwheel down the road to victory, I was fascinated by some of the other gymnasts' makeup.  I wanted to post some of those pictures for you today.  Some of them say "Hello, Glitter" and some say, "Hi, my name is Crayola. Let me draw you a picture with my face."

This is Brazilian gymnast Daniele Matias Hypolito, who is wearing eye makeup in the colors of the national flag.

Left: girls from Team USA and Right: girls from Team Russia.

Jordyn Wieber sporting a patriotic red.

The looks are all very interesting to say the least. What do you think of each of these looks? Patriotic-chique or over the top?

Sign me up to be the official Olympic Team USA Makeup Artist for Brazil 2016! AND Lace Cosmetics could be the official cosmetic line for team USA! Brilliant.

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The Ultimate Girls Day Out

Hey Everyone!  Get your girlfriends together and come out Saturday, August 4th for an Ultimate Girls Day Out with Beauty Escape Bar! I was lucky enough to be one of the vendors that will be providing full makeovers (including false eye lashes) with Lace Cosmetics!  It gets better.  The event is sponsored by Skinny Girl Liquor!  Sounds fun, right?!


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Love For Dahlonega


The lovely bride Bray sent me wedding pictures today and I cannot wait to share them!  The wedding was this past October in Dahlonega, Georgia and, as I'm sure you can imagine, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking.  I was lucky enough to do makeup for Bray, her mother and her bridesmaids.  They were such a fun group to work with and I enjoyed seeing all of the different and unique personalities all blended together in one wedding party.  From very natural enhancements to sultry, smokey eyes,  every girl came out with a different look that reflected who they were.

Here are the gorgeous ladies and all of their cuteness.

Thanks Bray!!

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Wow...That's Some Good Gloss

Hello!!! I heard the CRAZIEST Lace Cosmetics story this weekend and HAD to share!

I was working in Demure this weekend when a customer came in and noticed that I was the "makeup lady."  She pulled her Fierce lip gloss out of her purse and told me how much she loved it.  But then...she told me the story of when she bought it.

She had come into Demure and my freelance artist, Melissa, had helped her try on different colors until she found the one she loved.  After making her purchase, the customer and her boyfriend left the shopping center to head home.  They were involved in a car accident on I20 and totaled their car (don't worry, they were okay!).  After having a moment to collect themselves on the side of the road, she realized that she left her brand new lip gloss in the car.

I cannot tell you how hard I was laughing when she told me that she made her boyfriend run out into the highway and search through the wreckage until her gloss was recovered!!!

Tell me that's not brand loyalty AND a testament to how amazing Lace's makeup is!

Have a great week!

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My First Film

After going through some old files and emails, I found the video for the short film I worked on last year.  It was for the 24 Hour Film Race which was an awesome experience and allowed me to meet some truly amazing people.  Our film went on to win "Best Short Film" in the national competition.  I was so proud to work on it and thought I would share it with everyone.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Running from Scott Wiley on Vimeo.

Have a great day!


Don't Forget!!!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!  I hope everyone had an amazing week!  As most of you know our AWESOME makeup artist, Melissa, will be in Demure Boutique's Edgewood location tomorrow!!  For all of you in the Atlanta area, Melissa will be in stores weekly as your personal makeup stylist, help you decided what products work best for you and provide get tips and tricks on application.  What more can you ask for?!  I hope you can all make it out to the Boutique tomorrow and have a FABULOUS weekend!!

Attention: ATLANTA!!!!!

Hello Beauties! I have some great news for those of you in Atlanta.  Starting Saturday, April 14th Lace's newest  member, Melissa, will be in Demure Boutique's Edgewood location WEEKLY!  She will be providing custom makeup consultations and educating all of our wonderful clients on Lace and what it is all about!

If you have any questions about services or want to book an appointment, please email me at

Have a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon!!


Here Comes The Bride


The week before I left Atlanta, I got to do the wedding makeup for a lovely young lady that I have known in passing for the last couple of years.  We had done Lisa's trial run at Demure Boutique and had a great time putting her entire look together.  On the wedding day, I met the lovely Miss Lisa in her posh suite at the W Hotel downtown.  I was so happy to also meet and do makeup for one of her bridesmaids who is also a FABULOUS photographer.  She was kind enough to give me all of these pictures that she snapped during our beauty prep session.  If you are ever looking for a great photographer, look her up.  Her name is Tessa Rice and you can see some more of her work on her website