Five Friday Faves

Ahh...Hello sweet Friday. I've had fond thoughts of you all week...(sigh of relief). This week was not as crazy as I had anticipated but it still feels great to have it done with and know that the weekend is here! Don't forget that if you are in Atlanta tomorrow (Saturday), I will be working at the "Ultimate Girls Day Out "event. For more details click here.

As always, I leave you with my five faves from this past week :)

Favorite scene:

Favorite Invention:

Favorite TRUE Statement:

Favorite Makeup Look:

Favorite Dress:

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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Five Friday Faves

Happy Friday!!! I was so lucky to have SO many brides contact me over the week and I picked up a few other gigs as well.  Looks like the end of summer and beginning of fall are going to be fruitful and I am beyond grateful and excited!

I love today's "Five Friday Faves".  It made me happy to post all of them.  Check 'em out and I hope everybody has a safe and beautiful weekend.  Love you all dearly :)

Favorite Closet

Favorite Nail:  These are my Ombre nails I did on myself this week!

Favorite Reality Check (sorry but it cracked me up)

Favorite Sign

Favorite Makeup Look

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Five Friday Faves

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! Man, what a week!  It has been so fulfilling and completely AMAZING!!  Our foundations are now in-store, which is beyond exciting, and we haveso many projects in the works.  Next week is going to be equally, if not more, the point that I kinda want the weekend to hurry up. What is wrong with me?!

Here are just a few of my favorite finds from this past week:

Favorite Vintage Glam Picture

Favorite Stereo System:

Favorite Laugh: Apple computer

Favorite Eye Shading:

Favorite Inspirational Picture:

Have a great weekend!

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