Five Friday Faves

Hello!!!  I promise I am still alive!  We had to go a whole week without internet and were unable to blog.  I am extra excited to post this weeks "Five Friday Faves".    I hope you enjoy and have a weekend that is large and in charge :) Favorite Tweet

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"Amanda, i wanted to let you know after a month of using Lace Foundation, i am in LOVE. my skin has completely changed and the coverage is amazing. I use maybe half the foundation i use with the millions of other products i have used. the Cafe Au Lait is absolutely perfect with my color AMAZING!! Thank you a ton for all your help and for creating such an amazing product. i have had so many compliments on how smooth and "uncakey" my makeup looks."

Favorite Video...You will appreciate this if you have ever worked in a Department Store at a Cosmetic Counter.  You have then seen every single one of these customers. SO FUNNY!


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