Color Me Coral

In the effort to spice up my manicure, I did a nail ombre with five shades of coral. nail ombre

nail ombre

Colors used:

Thumb:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Caribbean Coral

Index:  Essie in California Coral

Middle:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Coral Reef

Ring:  Ulta in Peach Parfait

Pinky:   Orly in Cotton Candy

nail ombre

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Five Friday Faves

This has been an amazing week and Lace Cosmetics is excited to start bringing out new colors for Summer! Stay tuned because you are guaranteed to love them.  Have an amazing Memorial Day  and enjoy my five faves from this week. Favorite Metallic Lips

metallic lips

Favorite Ombre Toes

ombre toes

Favorite Quotequote

Favorite Soft Color Popfresh makeup

Favorite Lace Lashespaper self false lashes

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Five Friday Faves

I hope everybody has a great weekend!  Here are my five favorites from this past week.  Enjoy! Favorite ombre lips

ombre lips

Favorite kind of chicdogue

Favorite "Pop Art" nails

pop art nails

Favorite Laugh


Favorite quote

coco chanel quote

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Five Friday Faves

I hope you all had a fabulous week.  DO NOT forget next weeks RAW Artists event! Please buy a ticket (even if you cannot attend) under my name. You can purchase tickets at  The event is Thursday, February 21 at Terminal West King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA.  I hope to see you all there! Here are my five faves from the past week.

Favorite Nails. They're balloons! balloon nailsFavorite Updo

braid, hair, bunFavorite Pop Of Color neon outfit

Favorite Winged Eye Shadow/Eye Linerwinged eye shadow

Favorite Eyes.  Achieve this look with Lace Cosmetics Eye Shadows: Caribbean Sea, Terracotta Matte, Brown Matte, True Black teal eye shadow

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Five Friday Faves

We are almost there!! Christmas will be here before you know it and the time has come for us to be with our families and show our love.  I'm packing right now and heading out to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with my super fab family and cannot wait to have us all together for the first time in forever. Blessed!

Favorite Outfit To Travel In travel outfit

Favorite Holiday Staple. Glitter!!!

glitter shoes

Favorite Holiday Makeup

holiday makeup

Favorite Holiday Hair

holiday hair, bow hair

Favorite Festive Nails

holiday, nails

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Press On and Press Forward

I was in such a rush to get out of the house and realized that the chips in my nail polish were completely unacceptable.  I had a lunch date and this manicure was not working for me in the least.  Luckily, I had just purchased press on nails from my local Ulta to keep on hand just in case.  Turns out...they are total life savers!  If you prep these bad boys in advance, all you have to do is peel pack the film on the adhesive and pop them on.  Boom. Instant mani!

The first step in prepping the nails will be to stick on the decals (if yours come with the them).  I find it easier to do this before you get the nails on.  I love that they include so many decal styles because you can save them for future manicures whether you use the press on's or just your natural nails.

Next you will take the adhesive and stick it to the inside of the nails.  Quick and easy.

Pull back the adhesive cove and press them on. DONE!

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Are Your Nails Ready To Party?

It was time for a polish change and I decided that I wanted my nails to set the mood...something upbeat and fun.  Here is what I decided to do: I started with some things I already had at home

Step 1: I painted my ring ringer with Essie "Pansy" and all of my other fingers with Klean Color Nail Lacquer in "It Purple"

Step 2:  On top of the purple nails I painted on a blue/purple glitter polish by Klean Color Nail Lacquer in "Vegas Night"

Step 3:  I cut my "Envy Wraps Bling" into small strips and pressed them onto my pink nails.

The Result:  A party at my finger tips.  It may not be the weekend but it will be a fun week thanks to my new nails.

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Fix Your Mitts


As women,  it is understood that as part of our beauty routines, we must always make sure that our nails are well manicured and polished.  If they aren't...we jump in the car and make an emergency trip to the nail salon!  If you do not live your life by this policy, change your ways.  It is unacceptable. Just sayin.



Nails have really been making a big splash in magazines and on the runway.  We aren't just talking about simple one color mani's.  You can either be on trend with color blocking or with some serious hardware.  Literally, the way your nails look is just as important as how you look in a great pair of stilettos.

I went back through old pictures from this past year and found some awesome nail looks I have had.  Hopefully it will inspire you to go out and be a nail fashionista as well :)

Before we part, I will leave you with a quick "how to" photo tutorial for making a nail design with straws!!