The Makeup Show - Orlando

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I am finally all rested up after a long day of traveling.  I was so excited to fly down to Orlando yesterday for The Makeup Show and check out the latest and greatest in the makeup world.  I had a blast and learned so much from all of the vendor booths I visited.  Here is my photo diary from the day.  Enjoy!

Here we go! After a gate change and seat reassignment, we are off to Orlando!

I'm in Heaven!!!!  This was the never ending table of  largely discounted makeup brushes.  I. Stocked. Up.

What color do you think I should wear?

Yay!  I ran into my super fab friend Kayel.  Such a good surprise!

Time to get back to Atlanta.  I did what I needed to do, bought what I needed to buy and am back at the airport.

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