Five Friday Faves

Would it be totally crazy if I said that I'm already ready for next week?!  Between planning photo shoots, developing the Lace Cosmetics brand, events and everything inbetween, I cannot wait!!!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend and have a HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!  Enjoy my five faves from this past week. Favorite Fact 64137_10151314507966338_2106901486_n Favorite Makeup64856_518780921493868_1985933058_n Favorite QuoteMarilynMonroeRules Favorite Smile5a076e23390386b4014e3215deb398b6 Favorite Cold Day Outfitbfa62c76b83ee98a47b4d5ce85ec415c

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Fight For Your Right To Have Great Skin

Hello Beauties! After a long weekend of traveling, rainy weather, being sick, work and apparently more hormones than I know what to do with, my skin has been going CRAZY.  Luckily, I have a few tricks that I always pull out of my sleeve for just this situation.  I know many of you go through the same thing from time to time so I wanted to share my tricks with you so that your bad skin day wont keep you down. 1. Pur Minerals Mineral Mud Mask

This mask is serious.  It has the ingredient Pascalite which sucks all of the impurities out of your skin without it all coming to a head. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

2. Murad Clarifying Cleanser

This invigorating cleanser kills bacteria in the skin and feels amazing! 3. Water!!!!

When my skin looks bad I drink as much water as possible.  It makes me feel great and my skin looks more radiant.  4. Multivitamin

Your skin cannot look good unless you are taking care of yourself on the inside first.  Literally after a couple of days of taking my multivitamin, my skin looks so much better!  Not to mention, I feel great when I take it.  When you feel good, you look good. Take these tips and get your skin back to its radiant self! xoxo