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This is our fist go-round with videos so be kind but yes, we're FINALLY on YouTube.  I will be bringing you tips, tricks and tutorials and all the latest in the world of all things pretty.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel and show your love for Lace Cosmetics!  P.S.  These videos are more or less trial and error so if I look like a robot on camera....just ignore it :) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysqV8DmnM2A&w=560&h=315]

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4 Steps To Sexy Legs

If you are going out this weekend in that short little dress, prepping your legs is just as important as the makeup you are going to put on.  I am going to give you 4 easy steps to get those jaw dropping stems.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Make sure to exfoliate in the shower.  I like to use Philosophy's The Big Skinny.  It will slough off dead skin and has oils that leave your legs silky smooth.  You always want to exfoliate to expose more of the hair in order to get a closer shave.

Step 2: Shave with New Blades and Moisturizing Shaving Cream:

Many people wax their legs, but the majority of us shave.  If you decide to have, I recommend using a moistruizing shaving cream and a newer razor blade.  She sharper the blade, the smoother the shave.

Step 3:  Oil Up!

After your shower, smooth on a shower oil or dry oil.  This step will replace your lotion.  I like the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil because it is sensitive, will not irritate freshly shaven skin and absorbs into the skin so you do not feel oily.  You will be left with hydrated, smooth and glistening legs!

Step 4: Color and Glow

The last step is color and glow.  Let's be honest.  Nobody wants to see super pale and uneven legs.  Not cute.  I have listed a couple of products below that will remedy this problem.

I love and use VersaSpa religiously.  It is a micro mist self tanning/bronzing product.  It will last almost a full week and turns your skin a nice brown.  No pumpkin skin for pale girls and if you are darker complected or a woman of color, it will even out your tone!

Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs is an awesome alternative to the spray tan.  It washes off in the shower so you do not have to worry about being stuck with it for a week.  When you spray it on, you literally look like you either have completely flawless legs or like you are wearing pantyhose.  I have seen women use it and totally conceal the look of dark and prominent varicose veins.

Lastly, Lorac Tantalizer.  I always keep this product in my freelance kit just in case my models need it.  It is a lotion but you can also buy it in a foam as well.  Rub the Tantalizer on and get an instant bronze glow.  It will give you a little extra color and your legs will look fab.  This product is used on the red carpet by many celebs such as Beyonce and Cameron Diaz.  It rinses off in the shower and is easy to use.

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How To Wash Makeup Brushes

I always have clients asking me how to properly wash makeup brushes.  I decided to do a tutorial and show you how to do it the right way.

There are many products on the market that you can purchase to wash your brushes.  There are makeup brush shampoos or you can use gentle hair shampoo, antibacterial soap or baby shampoo.  Today, I am using a gentle shampoo that I found in my house.  I have poured some of it into a jar.

Next, I am dipping my brush into the shampoo and rinsing it under running water.

ALWAYS wash your brushes with the bristles facing down.  You do not want to get water into the ferrule (the silver part) otherwise you will begin to disolve the glue that holds the bristles together and your brush will begin the shed.  When you wash your brush, make sure you are purging makeup that is in the middle bristles and rinse until water runs clear.

For brushes that are used with liquid or cream products (foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc.), you will want to fist clean them with a cream cleanser or makeup remover.  If you try to use a gel cleanser, it will not mix with the cream residue in the brushes and therefore will not fully clean the brush.  After cleansing with the cream, you may cleanse again with a gel.  Remember, brushes used for liquid and cream makeup hold more bacteria since they are in contact with moisture.  You will want to clean these brushes more frequently.

After you clean your brushes, reshape the bristles and lay them on a flat surface with the bristles hanging off of the side.  By doing this, no water is seeping into the ferrule and you are protecting the shape of the bristles.

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Eye Lash Application Tutorial

Putting on your own false eyelashes can be very tricky.  You have to practice putting them on several times before you will get the hang of it.  I wanted to do an easy lash application tutorial so that you can start applying your own falsies in no time!

Everybody had their preferences but when I apply lashes, I like to do it after I have all of my eye makeup on EXCEPT mascara.

Eylure are some of my favorite falsies.  The lashes are easy to work with and I love the glue that comes with them!  There are many brands of lashes and you may choose a different type than what I am using.  If you purchase lashes that are stiff, wrap the lash strip around your pinky finger and squeeze so that it will become more flexible and curved.

Before you start to apply your lash, hold it up to your eye so that you can measure it.  If the lash is too long, you will want to snip a little off the end.

Apply a strip of glue across the inside of your lash strip.  Make sure you have enough glue on the ends.  If there is not enough, the ends will pop off after applied.  Next, you will want to let the glue sit for a moment or put it in front of a fan.  By doing this you are making the glue a bit more tacky which will make it adhere easily when applied to your lash line.

Personally, I prefer to apply my lashes with my eyes open.  It allows me to match the curve of the lash to the curve of my eye.  You want to place the lash strip into the base of your real lashes.  Once placed, press your lashes and your falsies together so they look as if they are one.

Let dry for a moment and then you are done!

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How To: The Perfect Red Lip

Many of my readers have been asking me to do makeup tutorials for different looks that they would like to learn, so I finally decided to suck it up and do it!  I have several different requests so look for those to start showing up a couple of times a week! :) Today's tutorial...the perfect red lip.  Red lips can be hard to pull off,  but I am going to show you in three easy steps how to apply a red lip so it will last all day!

Step 1:  Line your lips with a red lip liner and then fill in the entire lip in as well.  This gives you a good base AND if your lipstick fades a little during the day, you will not have that unfortunate red line rimming your lips.

Step 2:  Using a lip brush, fill your entire lip in with red lipstick.  By using a brush, you are applying a thinner layer than you would when putting the stick directly on the lips.  Believe it or not, that thin layer will last longer than packing it on!

Step 3:  Place a tissue over your lips and with a cotton ball, pat loose translucent powder onto your lips through the tissue.  This step helps to set your lipstick and mattify the color as well.

Voila! A perfect red lip that you will rock all day.

Here are a few color suggestions for different skin tones:

Skin that has pink/blue undertones:

Skin that has olive/orange undertones:

You can find the products that I used at LaceCosmetics.Com (PS. there is free shipping in the U.S.).

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