Frequently Asked Questions


do you travel to me or do I Travel to you?

Both! You can travel to us or we can come to you for a small fee.

what if i normally don’t wear makeup?

Many of our clients use very little to no makeup and are not used to wearing much of anything on their face. Our artists listen to each client and customize every makeup look we provide. Lace’s artists are able to create a very natural look with minimal makeup so you will not feel heavy or caked.

All kinds! In order to cater to the needs of our many different clients, each artist carries a wide variety of brands and products in their freelance kit to accommodate ever look, style, skin type, skin tone, texture, etc.

What kind of makeup do you use?

We’ve got you covered. After your makeup service, you can request for us to leave a sample of the lip color we used on you as well as translucent touch-up powder. Those are the only things you will need for touch-ups all day and night.

what if i need to touch up after you leave?

We take cash, credit or Venmo so you have the option to pay any way that works best for you.

how do i pay for my services?

Though we are based in Atlanta, there is no limit to how far we will travel to meet our clients.

How far are you willing to travel?

If you are ready to secure your wedding date with a Lace Cosmetics artist, we require a completed contract and a deposit of $65. The contract is digital and can be filled out online. The deposit can also be paid online after we email an invoice to you. The process is quick and painless.

What do I Need to do to book my wedding with lace cosmetics?

You can either send us a message in the “Hire Us” tab or you can book directly through which is our booking site. Select any “in-home” service and we will see you there!

how do i book a service at my house?

Our artists have kits with a wide variety of makeup but if you have products you love and prefer us use on you, feel free to bring it! We have no problem using your products.

Do I need to bring my own makeup?

No way! Many other companies require a minimum headcount to book services but here at Lace, we understand that the best days come in all sizes. We require no minimums.

is there a minimum headcount to book a wedding?